Embedded training and mentoring for software teams.

We help your teams deliver more value, more frequently, and have fun doing so.

We look holistically to identify root causes of bottlenecks, whether they are technical, structural, or behavioural in nature.

We build up capabilities within your team using hands-on direct interactions, professional coaching, facilitation and workshops, and classroom training.

Your teams will benefit from our experience, gain confidence to make technical and process decisions, and learn to work together effectively.

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Portrait of Tiffany

Tiffany Conroy

  • 20 years of professional experience, former VP Engineering at SoundCloud
  • Has worked as a developer, designer, product manager, people manager, and engineering leader
  • Particular experience in process engineering, UI/UX, payments systems, and empathetic collaboration
  • Photographer, amateur cook, storyteller
Portrait of Tom

Tom Stuart

  • 15 years of professional experience, including at SoundCloud and BCG Digital Ventures
  • Has worked as a developer, trainer, consultant, and engineering leader
  • Particular expertise in software architecture, infrastructure, and lean ways of working
  • Runner and standup comedian

What we offer

Embedded training

We work directly with software teams to observe, recognize patterns, and introduce more effective practices.

Over the course of a release cycle or sprint, we spend half a day pairing with each team member, observing and guiding.

At the end of a cycle, we synthesize our observations and make further recommendations.

This can begin as an exploratory exercise or with a direct goal in mind, e.g. improving observability, deployment frequency, code review quality.


As experienced trainers, we have developed workshops on a variety of engineering topics, such as:

  • Iterative product development for engineers
  • Using curiosity to bridge communications gaps
  • Practical introduction to trunk-based development
  • Effective incident response

Professional coaching

We are skilled and expert listeners who can promote professional development.

  • Short term or ongoing 1:1 coaching of team members and leaders
  • Facilitated peer networking, e.g. among people managers
  • Mentoring an individual or team through a transition, e.g. first management role


We facilitate crucial group conversations such as team and project retrospectives, kick-offs, and off-sites.

We work with you to establish a goal and agenda for your group conversation. We keep the conversation on track and ensure it leads to clear next steps.

We create a respectful, empathetic, and safe environment in which participants are able to bring their whole selves to the conversation.

Organizational setup & transformation

Backed by research and our experience as leaders, we assist with the creation of effective organizational structures in engineering.

We determine your organization’s performance against industry-standard metrics by conducting interviews, inspecting existing tooling, and putting measurement in place.

We suggest remediations, which we can support you to put in place with a clear strategy for a smooth transition.

Interim leadership

We are available as interim engineering leaders, at the level you need, for the time you need.

Hire us individually, but benefit from our partnership.

We can provide coverage during a planned absence, cover a gap while you are hiring, or extend your capacity by covering a slice of leadership duties.


Tom has massively supported my career development – he has been a wonderful mentor and given me a great deal of confidence in my own capabilities, being incredibly available, empathetic and supportive throughout.

— Head of Engineering

Tiffany’s coaching was on point. She took the lead whenever necessary without taking away the work I was supposed to do. I felt a lot more confident about handling similar situations more autonomously in the future.

— Engineering Manager

Tom has a knack for finding logical and insightful ways to explain and deliver his workshop materials, which end up being as much fun as they are educational.

— Senior Engineer

Tiffany is a great communicator. She is very relatable and spreads good vibes in every encounter. At the same time she challenges assumptions and quickly finds a precise summary for what someone meant to say. She always does so in an inclusive and supportive way, enabling others.

— Engineering Manager

Tom's patient and calm character, striking the perfect balance between mentoring, delegation and control was extremely pleasant to collaborate with. Tom is an amazing engineer, leading by example and making room for others to shine.

— Head of Product Management

Tiffany is an inspiration and a role model for me from the first moment I met her and I am so happy I had her as my manager.

— Engineering Manager

Tom has been the most trusted manager I have ever had in any workplace.

— Engineering Lead

Tiffany is one of the few engineering leaders who have a very deep product and tech perspective.

— Vice President of Operations

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